Scenography commissioned by Skånes Dansteater (Malmö, Sweden) and Dance Forum Taipei (Taiwan), for the choreography of Marina Mascarell.

The stage of Second Landscape embraces the notion of ‘liquid modernity’ from the ouevre of sociologist Zygmunt Bauman (1925–2017) to render a volatile world. The fluid, metamorphic landscape of inflating/deflating objects – “blobs”– reflect the instability and fragmentation of our world views. While the dancers manipulate the blobs, constantly transforming the stage, these objects become bodies, gaining a certain character and behavior. At the same time, they provide a physical, though ephemeral surface where the videos are projected onto, in real time.

Air blows life into otherwise inanimate objects. The blobs don’t always respond the way we expect or the way we want them to move. It was a research in itself to have them being inflated, deflated, appearing and disappearing on the stage. I truly admire how much effort the dancers have put into developing a relationship with the blobs. Everything on stage might seem very natural and fluid, but there’s an enormous amount of work in mastering these large bodies of air.

Creative team

Direction: Marina Mascarell
Choreography: Marina Mascarell, Nina Botkay & Skånes dancers
Scenography: Ludmila Rodrigues
Videography: Francesc Isern
Music: Yamila Ríos
Dramaturgy: Riikka Laakso
Costume Design: Nina Botkay
Light Design: Mårten K. Axelsson
Repetitor: Mattias Suneson
Produced by Skånes Dansteater
Coproduced by Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona & Korzo Productions, The Hague

Due to the pandemic, the premiere was postponed in Malmö, but a new version was carried out by the Dance Forum Taipei.

Malmö – Photos by Jubal Battisti
Dance Forum Taipei

April 26, 2020