A swollen being draws one’s body into its belly. Inside, there’s only sensation. Glowing aquamarine blue, texture, sound, a gentle compression. The work explores the physical experience of being immersed in a thick body of light, provoking a brief loss of orientation, compressing the body of the visitor in a full embrace. A tunnel where two people are passing, yet not knowing whether they will meet each other.

Comprehend – from mid-14c. English / Old French comprehender, or Latin comprehendere:
com– ‘together’ + prehendere ‘grasp’,
“to understand, take into the mind, grasp by understanding, to include;”

In Latin comprehendere “to take together, to unite, to include, to seize”; also “to perceive, to seize or take in the mind”, “to catch hold of”.

Photo: Louis B. Clarke

The site specific work was developed in the context of De Nieuwe Regentes Theater and HUBS Immersive Festival, emphasizing a sensorial journey into the theater building in The Hague. Hubs Immersive Festival was initiated by Meyer-Chaffaud, in partnership with iii, The Grey Space in the Middle, also inviting The Body of the Audience / Ludmila Rodrigues as guest curator in 2019.

November 12, 2019