Commissioned stage design for Gothenburg’s Opera Dance Company, directed/choreographed by Marina Mascarell. Premiered on March 15th at GöteborgsOperan, Sweden. On season through April 14th, 2019. Read more on

“A daring and consistent creation on the human condition. From beginning to end it makes formidable use of both dancers and the stage.”
Dagens Nyheter

The stage was conceived as an ever changing landscape, where various layers of felt are sculpted, shifted and transformed by twelve dancers. The concept was developed in synergy with the lighting design by artist Mike Rijnierse.

The wool felt (100% merino wool) raises a sense of intimacy, functioning between architecture and skin. The set becomes a place for sensual exploration, in which touch and smell are consciously experienced. The malleability of the stage allows for dramatic changes, highlighting the agency of the twelve actors – a process of metamorphosis that is also lived by each of their characters.

Valley, set design

“The sophisticated scenography of Ludmila Rodrigues is here illustrated in the form of a gigantic origami made out of felt layers. The highly atmospheric music, composed by electronic music producer Ben Frost, provides the audience with an enhanced experience of captivating mysticism.” (GöteborgsOperan publication)

“The undulating choreography with suggestions of trauma and apocalyptic passages is the result of 18 months of research. Marina Mascarell studied how humans allow information technology to control and distract them to the point of memory change. “We all tend to follow the manuscript of the masses and play our intended roles until life itself becomes a spectacle. Both for the onlookers and ourselves.”
– GöteborgsOperan


Choreography: Marina Mascarell
Music: Ben Frost
Set design: Ludmila Rodrigues
Light design: Mike Rijnierse
Costume design: Daphna Munz
Sound design: Daniel Rejmer
Dramaturgy: Riikka Laakso
Choreography assistance: Nina Botkay

GöteborgsOperans Danskompani
Benjamin Behrends
Takuya Fujisawa
Toby Kassell
Maxime Lachaume
Emilie Leriche
Michael Munoz
Waldean Nelson
Dorotea Saykaly
Duncan C Schultz
Satoko Takahashi
Danielle de Vries
Ingeborg Zackariassen

Cover photo by Lennart Sjöberg

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January 25, 2019