A lightweight, malleable structure that engages a spatial dialogue with the visitors. Between wire-frame and sculpture, Polytope behaves as a physical drawing, meandering in the space. Visitor and sculpture develop their own conversation, whereas one becomes choreographed by the other.

Polytope has been presented at FILE, São Paulo (Brazil, July-August 2018); at Charlama Art Gallery, Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina, February 2017); at Korzo Theater, The Hague (Netherlands, January 2017); at Schema Art Museum, Cheongju, (Korea, July 2016); at Playful Arts Sessions: Bodies at Play, Den Bosch (Netherlands, June 3rd 2016); Cinekid, Amsterdam (Netherlands, October 2015).

Ludmila is an artist, designer, scenographer and sometimes performer, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and based in The Hague, Netherlands since 2009.

Soundscape and sensor developed by Rob Bothof, for FILE SP 2018. With support from Stroom Den Haag. (Cover photo by Camila Picolo)

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November 29, 2018