and commissioned works:

Häxan, performance with iii, at Sounds of Silence III, Theater De Nieuwe Regentes, The Hague – February 24th 2017

Stage design for ‘Three Times Rebels’, dance piece by Marina Mascarell

Performance for Yamila Ríos’s music video (in post-production), 2017.

Photo by Ed Jansen

Polytope developed and performed with Sonolab (Vitaly Medvedev and Mei-Yi Lee) in December 2015


Matteo Marangoni’s ‘Atlas, Sheep Herder of the Sky’ performed by Ludmila Rodrigues and Mei-yi Lee, at Sphæræ (inflatable multi-dome pavilion by Cocky Eek) at EAPlab – The Hague, July 5th 2015

Costume design for Rutkay Özpinar‘s dance pieces/Theater Korzo Productions:

Grip, Rutkay Özpinar, 2015 (Photo: Rob Hogeslag)

Grip, Rutkay Özpinar, 2015 (Photo: Rob Hogeslag)


Room K24

Room K24, collaboration with Mike Rijnierse site specific for Modern Body Festival, November 2014


Interstice – a celebration of space, April-June 2013 Collaboration with Mike Rijnierse

Research presented in Cloud and Studio Loos, The Hague, 2013
Interstice is a space between things, voids, gaps, cracks. In this project we look for ways of composing sound and movement according to the space. Our goal is to develop a system which enables us to perform with a group of participants in different locations, exploring specific acoustics, in the form of games. We make use of ordinary objects for sound production, enhancing the participative aspect. The simplicity of the pipe, the foil and the clicker provide accessibility and allow performances to be executed by a large number of people.

We started working in march at CLOUD/Danslab studio. Testing rules and possibilities for different choreographies. At Wonderwerp (Studio Loos, march 28th) we invited the audience to play and enjoy the perception of space. Thanks to all who joined our experiment and special thanks to Yolanda Uriz and Cloud.

More info at: sharing motions.wordpress/interstice



Volta, reenactment of Dick Raaijmakers‘ by Artscience Interfaculty, Paradiso, Amsterdam

a piece by Dick Raaijmakers
Ludmila joined the edition in Paradiso, Amsterdam, March 2013 (Photo by Chris van de Kooy)

Volta shows how a battery is constructed, in all the material weight that was originally required. Thanks to modern technology, we can store and transport energy. This enables us to preserve and move labor and use materials in other places, sometimes invisibly. We therefore have machines that are invested with labor we are unaware of. In Volta, as Raaijmakers himself said, he gave the battery back its plasticity and put it out in the open. The whole performance is akin to a ritual, but without the ponderous solemnity. There is no deeper meaning or hidden intent. The artwork is an experiment, simplified, enlarged and rendered visible as a ready-made.

The Unreality of Time

Set design for a dance piece by Marina Mascarell (photo by Robert Benschop) January-February 2013

The stage is covered by 110 kilos of green lentils, which were manipulated by the dancers in order to create storms, landscapes and other obstacles within the theme of time.

I worked with Marina since august 2012, exploring the properties of the lentils, developing tools for the dancers and also researching on the maintenance of the material during rehearsal and transportation. Lentils are soft but they like escaping through tiny holes.

Performances for Hadas Hinkis


Watch on: Vimeo (photo by Netta Tauber)

Performances for Cocky Eek

Cocky EekAir hostess at Airport, by Cocky Eek, Seppe Airport, The Netherlands, June 2011


Hostess of Striped, inflatable by Cocky Eek (Kunst in Zicht festival). Marken island, Netherlands, June 2010