Performer and audience communicate via the few openings of the wall. Between them, there’s no possibility of eye contact neither verbal communication. Yet, the only chance of contact, through touch, opens up a dimension of interaction.

The performance investigates the limits of public engagement, by creating a stage where members of the audience negotiate their actions with the bare hands of an invisible performer. The physical contact is deliberately decided by the public, since the performer doesn’t see, neither hear, therefore unable to control the situation.

Recent performances:
‘Shifting Shapes’ exhibition at Gym / PXL School of Art – Hasselt, BE, 1st March 2018
‘Do Not Disturb’ exhibition at Quartair – The Hague, NL, 9 – 31 March 2018

Many thanks to Panita Sanghirawatana, Sauro Capozza, Eva Schrooten, Naomi Moyson, Sarah Verdren, Fien Breynaert and Mirthe Tibos.