The series Paper Reliefs investigates the physical properties of paper, namely its resistance when cut, folded and curved, generating abstract patterns to which visitors are invited to explore with the hands.

By carefully interacting with these pieces, one notices how certain geometric forms provide tactile, rhythmic and acoustic experience. The works aims to engage the audience in a direct dialogue with the material.

Specially created for the exhibition Paperworks (Feb 17 – My 26, 2018), curated by Fleurie Kloostra at Corrosia Cultural Center, Almere, Netherlands.

Paper Reliefs I & I were developed at Makerspace UHasselt/Diepenbeek. Many thanks to Tom de Weyer (Makerspace, UHasselt) and Eva Schrooten (PXL-MAD, Hasselt).

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March 5, 2018