K24 – Room for Sensorial Cleansing (Site specific for the Modern Body Festival, The Hague, October 2014)



Reports of sensory deprivation experiments have demonstrated the emergence of hallucinogenic images and of highly pleasant states of consciousness which are still to be assessed.

As a fictitious sanatorium, Room K24 orchestrates the visitors’ senses through a series of discreet stimuli, from aural, to olfactory, tactile and proprioceptive inputs. Rather than being deprived of their senses, visitors depart on a controlled journey of space exploration.

Inside the room, time and space have no objective reference. The continuous direction of sensations result in a reset the of the visitor’s body.


This project is part of an ongoing collaboration between Ludmila Rodrigues and Mike Rijnierse.
Many thanks to Stephanie Pan, Stelious Manousakis, Detlev Vilerius, Zeger Reyers and Mara Wasiuta.