A partnership Quartair (Den Haag) and Kunsthalle/Eurocenter (Lana, Italy)

May 2: Opening at Kunsthalle

16 participants join a net like choreography






May 3: Artwalk

‘Selfie reflection’ – an instructed performance:

any number of participants,
one camera,
they enter the space one by one:

  • the first person carrying the camera will choose a spot, close his/her eyes, make a selfie and hold on.
  • the next person enters, takes the camera from the previous one’s hands, chooses a spot, makes a selfie and holds on.
  • the next one repeats the previous one, until all participants have taken their selfies and are waiting.
  • the camera now moves to the first person, a photo is made of him/her, who will then open the eyes, go to the second person in the sequence, make a picture of him/her and pass the camera over.
  • the next person will repeat the previous action and so on. the sequence continues until all have opened their eyes.



Thanks to Hannes Egger