Approximation was shown at TodaysArt festival, in The Hague (4th floor of the former building of the ministries of Internal Affairs and Justice). The 20 story office building was explored by hundreds of people during the festival. Navigating between the empty spaces and a number of installations scattered in a few rooms, eventually they found this installation awaiting to be experienced. More details here.






The festival statement:

Acts of exposure and revelation are, it seems, a sign of the times. The lifting of curtains; the publishing of secrets; the outing of things previously hidden. We celebrate exposure as a triumph of transparency because we are forced to rely on non-transparent systems that we increasingly don’t understand. But is it a triumph of transparency? Such times demand new approaches, as do we.

Shifting powers are a defining feature of our times. Shifts in power create new opportunities and new modes of operation. This year, TodaysArt is taking advantage of the rising vacancy and a physical shift in the seat of governmental power to position ourselves in the epicentre: Binnenlandse Zaken, the former ministry of the interior and kingdom relations, a building never before open to the public. The ex-ministry is the former seat of the National Crisis Centre, the Emergency Office and the Secret Service, a building that previously accommodated the few who made decisions for the many, and is now the main venue for the ninth edition of the festival.

This won’t be the festival you are expecting from us. We’ve left the theatres and the cultural institutes. The economic climate has changed. The cultural climate has changed. The festival has changed. New ambitions mean using all the available opportunities.

We don’t presume to offer answers, but we do ask questions. Our role is not one of institutional critique. We want to ignite a firestorm of creative action, to draw in as many actors as possible.

The high-rise venue fuelled vertical rather than horizontal thinking in the curatorship of the program, and the temporary nature of the location demands that the space be activated rather than transformed. Works must be accommodated in the space, but the space itself must also be accommodated.

The festival will create a new momentum for our audiences, artists and partners. New players are occupying the seat of power.

The ninth edition of TodaysArt will transform the former ministries of Internal Affairs and Justice. These iconic towers – 124.000 M2 of currently vacant space – are located in the geographical and political city center of The Hague right next to the Spuiplein, the traditional heart of the festival. In addition, the festival will take place in the City Hall’s Atrium and the public space in between these buildings.

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In the same floor there was a piece Marina Abramovic’s Institute crew (by Suzanne Dikker + Matthias Oostrik + Peter Burr) on empathy too.