A celebration of space

Collaboration with Mike Rijnierse

presented in Cloud and Studio Loos, The Hague, 2013


Interstice is a space between things, voids, gaps, cracks. In this project we look for ways of composing sound and movement according to the space. Our goal is to develop a system which enables us to perform with a group of participants in different locations, exploring specific acoustics, in the form of games. We make use of ordinary objects for sound production, enhancing the participative aspect. The simplicity of the pipe, the foil and the clicker provide accessibility and viabilize performances with a large number of people.

We started working in march at Cloud’s studio. Testing rules and possibilities for different choreographies. At Wonderwerp (Studio Loos, march 28th) we invited the audience to play and enjoy the perception of space. Thanks to all who joined our experiment and speciall thanks to Yolanda Uriz and Cloud.

Detailed process of the research at: sharing motions.wordpress / interstice