Set design for piece by Marina Mascarell
Korzo Theater productions with Dance Forum Taipei

The stage is covered by 120 kilos of green lentils which were manipulated by five dancers, creating storms, landscapes and other obstacles within the theme of Time. The piece premiered in February 2013 and toured through Europe, Taiwan and South America in 2014.


Ludmila worked with Marina (winner of BNG Prize for Dance, 2015) from August 2012, exploring the properties of the lentils, developing tools for the dancers and also researching the maintenance of the material during rehearsal and transportation. Lentils are soft and they like escaping through tiny holes.


(photos by Robert Benschop)

Choreography Marina Mascarell | Dance Nina BotkayLaia Duran, David Essing, Yu-Feng Huang, James O’Hara | Music Chris Lancaster | Costumes Carolina Mancuso | Set Design Ludmilla Rodrigues | Choreography Assistant Sandra Navarro | Light Design Sandra Navarro | Stage Assistant Mallory Lynn | Special thanks Instituto Cervantes

The Unreality of Time was made possible with support from the Municipality of The Hague and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science ( Ministerie van OCW).