Touch is a reciprocal sense. Differently from the other senses, touching is always mutual: one touches and is touched. In this work the audience is transformed from ‘observers’ to ‘actors’.

Approximation, a haptic game (Performance at Rijksmuseum, 2014)

Participants sit in front of each other, their hands are connected to an elastic net that constrains their action into a small range of movement, acting like external muscles. Eyes closed, the two participants begin a tactile exploration, copying each others moves.

Photo: Christian van der Kooy


Photo: Christian van der Kooy

The piece was first presented at the KABK, Royal Academy of Art, in The Hague (September, 2012). Joining the Expanded Performance program at Stroom Den Haag, in December, 2012 and TodaysArt Festival, September 2013. Approximation was also the opening performance at ‘The Deepest Sense – On Tactility in the Arts and Sciences from the Early Modern Period to the Present Day‘ at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam (June 2014).